Hydracrat offers specialist rotary drilling services for ground investigations, geothermal, water wells, earthing rod installations and large diameter boreholes.

Founded in February 1960, we hold significant experience in planning, execution and reporting on a diverse range of projects.

Hydracrat is home to the renowned HYCAT drilling rig fleet, which are all designed, built and maintained in-house by our dedicated team.

We work on all kinds of sites with our plant being especially capable of traversing the most soft, arduous terrain known to the industry.

All our operations aim to reduce environmental damage.


Both the senior team and drilling crews at Hydracrat hold decades of experience in the drilling industry.

Our senior team offer specialist advice on all aspects of a project – from feasibility and planning, to drilling and post-works analysis.

Our drillers each hold NVQ level 2 qualifications in Land Drilling and our wider site team possess all the necessary site accreditations.

Since 1960


Hydracrat’s philosophy is to design, build and maintain all our own drilling rigs and support vehicles using our specialist in-house team.

The HYCAT, our signature drilling rig, boasts several unique features and is renowned throughout the drilling industry.

Our ability to design our own plant helps define us as a company and sets us apart from most in the drilling industry.


Hydracrat has worked on an extremely diverse range of projects through its 60+ year history, gaining significant industry experience along the way.

While our capabilities are extensive, we believe honesty is the best policy and will tell you outright if we are not well suited for a project.

Our approach has helped us to develop healthy, long-standing relationships with our existing clients.