Hydracrat’s fleet includes our unique HYCAT low ground pressure drilling rig, alongside our traditional rotary drilling plant and range of support vehicles.

Each of our drilling rigs has a slightly different specification and design, allowing us to optimise our selection for each project.

Our drilling fleet are all designed, built and maintained in-house by our specialist team.


The HYCAT is a heavy-duty low ground pressure top drive rotary rig, which is designed for deep open-hole and core drilling.

Each HYCAT is fitted with 40” or 50”, low ground pressure flexible tracks and onboard compressors.

These key design features allow us to navigate all kinds of sites, including locations where terrain is extremely soft and challenging.

Our largest HYCAT utilises a 9 metre stroke/drill pipe, 10,000lbs/ft of torque and a high-pressure onboard compressor to maximise production.

Compact Drilling Rigs

Our compact rotary drilling rigs are designed for deployment where site access is tighter, while retaining the same drilling capabilities.

Ideal for urban and suburban spaces, they are particularly well suited for geotechnical and geothermal projects.

Our most recent significant investment was to upgrade our compact drilling fleet with a full range of cutting-edge components, to maximise drilling productivity.

Support Vehicles

Our range of support vehicles specialise on large sites where typical road or track access from site compounds to borehole locations is unavailable and terrain is challenging.

Our vehicles can transport up to 2500 litres of fuel in double-skin tanks, 500 metres of AW Casing, drill rods, core barrels, core boxes and even drilling crew.

Some of our vehicles are also fitted with small masts to retrieve AW Casing from boreholes, allowing the HYCAT to move on to the next borehole location.

Our support vehicles allow us to maximise drilling time on large sites by avoiding lengthy stoppages for refuelling, transport of materials and crew.