Large Diameter Drilling


Hydracrat has successfully completed a significant number of large diameter boreholes and deep drilling for the water and energy markets over several decades.

Our specialist fleet of drilling rigs have the capability of drilling up to 24 inch diameter boreholes, with depth capabilities of 300 metres depending on project requirements.

Specialist services we provide to market include:

Our Team

Hydracrat’s senior team works with our clients to ensure each project is planned and executed to the exacting standards required within the regulations and licensing for large diameter and deep borehole drilling.

Drilling plant and techniques are selected to suit each project individually. Open discussion and two-way communication with our clients is key to ensuring that the best methods are selected, priced and deployed for each project.

We recommend early involvement in each project, which allows us to fully understand and plan for drilling with client requirements in mind, thus ensuring a smooth process and successful outcome.

Drilling Fleet

The HYCAT rotary drilling rig was specifically designed and manufactured for large diameter and deep drilling projects, with some of our fleet dedicated solely for this purpose.

Each HYCAT rig is track-mounted, minimising the requirement for support vehicles and reducing moving and set up times at each borehole location.